Seller Advice

If you are experienced in the equine industry you will know the best way to describe what you are selling. A Seller is able to place their classified advertisement in more than one discipline or category, and a buyer is able to search multiple disciplines and or categories.  This is a huge advantage to both Seller and Buyer in both our areas, 1 Horses & Ponies, and 2 Other Equine (For everything but the horse).

If you are not experienced, it’s a good idea to get advice from an expert in your local area, don’t go it alone, find someone you can trust to help you.

Remember, when you place a Classified you do need to complete all the fields on the place a classified ad form, other wise you will miss out on the functionality of our powerful search engine.

The Classified Title needs to be clear and eye catching, this will be displayed in bold text.Your first line of your description should be a good clear summary. This will catch the buyers attention together with your main photo.

Be very factual in your description, give accurate and correct information when placing your ad, and be clear with both your facts and your price.

Use good photographs, to show your horse and pony, reduce your picture to a manageable size, if too large your browser may time out, you don’t want to waste your time, most photos will automatically be adjusted by our system. But for speed and to prevent your browser slowing down, the optimal size would be under 1 mb.

Your First name and the phone number you provide within the post a classified ad form will appear on your classified advert. Your email is not displayed. If you feel an enquiry that comes through the system is genuine when you reply, the enquirer will of course receive an email from you. Don’t reply if you think it is not a genuine enquiry. Any enquiry that is not genuine can be reported to ScamWatch. Let us know if you do suspect an enquiry is from a scammer.

If a buyer’s enquiry is genuine and  becomes more serious, both parties should be willing to exchange full contact information; genuine people should be easy to deal with, if you don’t really have clear contact with a prospective buyer, you should be cautious about parting with your goods! remember if it doesn’t feel right, then perhaps it isn’t. Go with your gut feel.

When a transaction is agreed upon; Sellers need to be absolutely sure that payment has cleared before releasing your item / horse to the buyer. Don’t take chances here, be clear about this.

For gear or items that you are posting to your buyer, it’s always worth using tracking or proof of posting.

If you are selling a Horse/Pony do not release paperwork or animal until payment is cleared. Always complete registration documentation in full; never sign a form leaving transfer information blank. Contact the Association your animal is registered with for exact guidance on the appropriate procedure here.

We don’t recommend that you accept payments from 3rd party methods, if you have been notified by a buyer that a payment has been made, first check that the payment is genuine, be very sure that it has cleared, find this information out for yourself. Generally if a settlement is too complicated, it is not a good sign. Especially if you are concluding at arms length. Again it is the Sellers responsibility to ensure that the funds have arrived and fully cleared completely, prior to releasing your Horse/ gear or any other item. Don’t accept receipts from a buyer as proof of payment, always make the effort to obtain the proof for yourself.

We want everyone to benefit from our specialised horses and equestrian on-line directory with our easy as search facility, and from our news/blog forum, events, results & galleries.

Please keep us informed of your good experiences. And always alert us if you have anything other than a good experience!  If you need any help click on FAQ. If the answer is not there, send us an email with your query to

It is a good idea to do a little research on the internet, you can usually learn alot and resolve any doubts you have. Failing that notify us of any incidents that you feel we should know about at

Good luck with your buying, selling and searching, and enjoy a positive experience with Replay Classifieds HORSES & EQUESTRIAN, we are working hard to deliver you the best equestrian forum, and we do want a positive experience for all.