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Using Replay Classifieds

General tips about using the Replay Classifieds – Horses & Equestrian website.

Q: Can I use any size photo?

Ideal Size is   800px x 600px

If your image is larger it will automatically be resized.

Your browser may slow down if you upload anything over 1mb,

So it is advisable to load images less than 1 mb each. When complete check your advert in the members area,

if you can’t find it, contact us, we will assist you.

If you do have a problem with your photos, you can email us at

We are always happy to help our Advertisers.

Your ad will go through a process prior to going live on our website. So please be patient.

Q: What is the best general advice for describing my Horse or Pony?

Discipline – You may choose as many disciplines as you want as long as they are relevant to your horse or ponies ability! How good is that?

Describe who your horse or pony is best suited for – Beginners? Advanced? Small children? Intermediate?

List all it’s special talents, and describe behaviour and stable manners, and the condition of your Horse or Pony.

Use terms that suit it and are a good description of it’s experience or behaviour like “Educated Pony” “Easy to Shoe, Clip & Float” “Forward moving”  “3 exceptional paces”  “Bombproof ”  “no vices”  “for experienced confident rider only”  “currently in paddock condition”  “in paddock condition”

You have unlimited text, so make sure you fill this with relevant easy to understand information and most of all be totally honest, it’s the right thing to do.

Q: What if I am not sure about the price or I want to put POA for my horse?

Firstly if you are unsure about your price, do some research through other ads. Or seek a second opinion from someone experienced in your area. Try to be realistic, if you enter an unreasonably high price you may not receive many responses.

If you are still unsure perhaps you can enter a price, and select Negotiable when placing the ad.

Make your conditions of sale clear for example :  “negotiable to the right home”.

There are times when POA is appropriate. We have provided a Tick box if you want to select POA

Q: If I register with your website is my information safe?

Yes absolutely, we have a very strict privacy policy, please click on the link at the bottom of the page, to read our privacy policy. We operate with absolute integrity.

Q: What contact information is displayed in my ad?

When your ad is displayed in a Search, Your Username, First Name & the Phone Number you have entered for the advert will be displayed.

We don’t display your email to protect you from Spam. Prospective buyers will be able to email you through a CONTACT FORM,  they will not be able to see your email address, until you respond to their email.

Remember to choose something appropriate for a USERNAME – it will be displayed.

If you do receive an email that doesn’t look right, do not respond, anyone with equestrian experience can usually spot an enquiry from a Scammer. Remember they do not have your email address until you reply. If it doesn’t look right or feel right do not respond.

If you prefer just add a phone number to your advert, and mention in your advert that you will not respond to text or emails, you will only take calls from serious Buyers, Not timewasters!

Avoid responding to any enquiry that is too brief, or from an enquiry where they obviously do not want to make telephone contact. Or one that suggests payment via paypal, especially when the enquirer has not viewed your horse!!  Scammers are targetting every type of business, and it’s up to the Australian community at large to make it hard for them to succeed, be cautious, and don’t get caught out. If it’s too good to be true – then it probably isn’t.

Q: Why do I have to pay for my advert using PayPal

This only applies to retailers, as we offer Private Ads for free.

We believe that this is the safest place for you to pay when using your credit card information.

You are only providing one vendor – in this case Paypal with your Card information. This offers you far more protection than if you provide it to many different companies on many different websites.

You do not need to have a paypal account to pay using paypal, they will accept your payment and forward it to us with or without you having an account.

Paying for an advert is easy, and on top of that our prices are so good – you won’t feel a thing!!

Q: Once my ad was accepted it did not immediately appear on the website, but I could see it in the members dashboard.

Yes that’s normal, all content goes through a process prior to going live on the website, we believe this helps to make it a great family safe environment.

We do ask our users to be a little patient, and assure you that this process is in the Equine communities best interest.

Q: I have Photographs taken by a professional photographer can I use them?

Usually, a professional photographer requires that you type in a photo credit in the text part of the advert.

You should check always with the photographer as they do own the copyright. It is your responsibility to check this.

If you have purchased a digital print, it is usual for the photographer to give permission for you to

use this in an advertisement when selling your Horse or Pony.

Type in Photo Credit & the Photographers name in the text area of your advert (you have unlimited text)

If you did post your advert and forgot to post the photo credit Contact us with the title of your advert, and

your user name. We will ad the information you want us to add.

If you have any problem with this please

Q: Do I need to fill out all the categories when I place my advert?

Yes – it is advisable, we have a powerful search function, and you will miss out on this if you do not fill out all the categories.

What’s more your advert may not be approved if there are gaps in the information.

Remember the categories are there to make the search quick and easy, you can put all the extra details in the text area where you have unlimited text.

Complete all the categories to ensure that your ad reaches your target market


Q: Photographs on your ad – why do you need to add photos

We have provided you with a FULL PAGE advert, with upto 5 Photos etc,

If you are serious about marketing your Horse or Pony it is better to put in the effort and upload good quality photos.

There is no doubt from research that the adverts that are well presented get the best response.

We have given you Premium quality functions and tools to advertise your Horse or Pony & Other Equine items, do make the most of it with good photographs.

Q: Can I add a video or you tube link

Yes, it’s easy copy and paste the link.

we check content and that your link is functioning before it goes live.

If you do have any problem or issue we can help

Q: I want to advertise my business on Replay

Great, it’s easy to organise, just register as a “Retail” Member

If you need help with setting up your banner style advertising email your questions to

We will help you with your banners at no extra charge.

Our banner samples are listed below to help you to decide which suits your business and product the most.

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1. Home page Plus

  • 2. Searched Results plus Detailed ads

3. Appears under search pad on Classified Search, Plus bottom of Business directory plus each time a users “starts a new search” on the site

4. Events calendar – This is a heavy traffic area, and this zone is at the top of the page. Get your business noticed today.

5. Small Business Banner – with great exposure – appears on the right hand side in every classified advert – this is a great deal!

Replay is an established website with a high volume of quality traffic, we believe that the advertising we are currently offering is the best value available in tough market conditions. Call us or email if you would like to know more or if you would like us to tailor a package to suit your advertising needs and budget.   phone: 0411788930


Q: I want to add text and more information to my Private Classified Advert.

Once a Private Classified advertisement has been Approved & is now Live.

You are limited with what you can update, for example you may change the phone number, add a sold sign, change the price, or tick/untick negotiable.

All other changes need to be sent to us by email.

We understand that there are times when you want to add photos, and text and video or you tube link. Please email us we will help as quickly as possible.

To keep the Private ads free for you to enjoy we do need to limit editing. And content has to be approved each time a change is made to keep the site family friendly.


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