Buyer and Searching Advice

We have produced a really powerful SEARCH ENGINE;  you can tailor your search extremely well, try it out and edit your search according to your needs and priorities. If you have been very detailed and specific in your search, and it does not return many ads; try removing some of your search criteria.

When you search according to your needs and requirements, and you don’t find what you are looking for, you can then save this search as an email alert. It’s easy to do.

On our Search Now Pad, you can choose to search as many disciplines (Horses & Ponies)  or categories (Other Equine) at one time, this makes searching faster for you.

Always consider how far you would be prepared to travel (perhaps not too far for a saddle, but further for a horse). Either select the state, or a kilometre distance from your postcode.

Register with us now even if you are not a buyer, you will be kept informed of any new functions with our newsletter and all the latest info.

A Seller will usually be willing to email you more information and photographs or Video footage.Unless you already know the Seller or the Horse/Pony, buying unseen is not ideal.  Always insist on a VET check, and choose a Vet in the area yourself.  Additionally you may know someone in the area with experience who can go to see the Horse/Pony on your behalf.

Communication with a genuine Seller should be easy, and negotiations between a Buyer and Seller transparent, if you are planning to go and see the horse, both the Seller and Buyer at that stage should be willing to exchange full contact details. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, go with your gut feel.

Do further research on the internet. Gaining more information before you go to view a horse is always wise, especially if you are planning to travel.

If you are buying a horse or pony for the first time, get further advice from your local experts before proceeding, it’s easy to make a mistake here, and if you are a beginner, it is worth gaining professional advice.

If the info you need is not on our website and you have clicked on FAQ.

If the Horse or Pony you are buying is registered contact that association to find out more about the registration documents, and procedure for transfer.

In certain circumstances it may be worth obtaining a contract between yourself and the Seller. Always retain proof of your payment.

When you are buying an item and have agreed that the Seller will post, always request a method of posting with tracking and / or proof of postage.

We want to keep this Website a positive and safe buying and selling experience and informative news forum for everyone. This is a family business,our aim is to provide the best for the Equine industry. If you have an experience that you think we should know about please send your feedback to

If you have any questions and you have checked our FAQ menu then contact us on

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Enjoy your searching and buying experience, from the Team at Replay.