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Saddle Fitting for Horse Owners - Take the Risk out of Buying a Saddle

Posted in Saddles and Saddlery for sale @ Apr 17th 2012 10:55am - By The Editor

Saddle Fitting for Horse owners - take the risk out of buying a saddle

Saddle fitting for Horse owners - would you like to know how to quickly and easily check your own saddle for problems? Why not attend the Saddle Skills workshop for horse owner in Hervey Bay QLD on 22 nd April 2012

Saddle fitting essentials for Horse owners - How well does your saddle fit? Can you tell if it's damaged? And do you know how to check your horse for fitting problems? It's not as hard as you think! Come along and join us - have fun learning the ropes! Establish a more comfortable partnership with your horse. Save your horse's back and improve his performance. Take the risk out of buying a used saddle!

Contact Karen Muller for more information and to attend this event or contact

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