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Monty Roberts QLD live demonstration at QSEC PHOTOS book signing

Posted in Horse Show & Event Results @ Aug 27th 2012 7:13pm - By The Editor

Monty Roberts QLD live demonstration at QSEC PHOTOS book signing

Monty Roberts Live demonstrations took place at QSEC in Caboolture this weekend, the venue as usual was the perfect setting giving the audience a great view as Monty Roberts worked with each case using his world famous " language of equus" technique. Whatever your knowledge or ability in handling horses, and regardless of whether you are a supporter of Monty Roberts or not, or whether you were new to his techniques, you could not fail to gain something from each case as the demonstration unfolded and each horse was transformed right there in front of you, we certainly learnt much, and not just about horses, you can so easily apply much of this to people, and how we learn. 

For those of you who couldn't be there and are considering going to the next demonstration in Tamworth, do give it some serious thought, get your tickets on line from Ticketec, you won't regret it for a minute.

If you can't get to NSW, then why not hop onto the Monty Roberts website and check out hin EQUUS online Uni - see you don't have to miss out, you too can learn the Language of Equus, you can register and join, for 6 months or a year, and start training the Monty Roberts way. Monty Roberts website

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Photo: Book signing with Replay Photographer and Monty fan - Amanda.

Replay Classifieds would like to thank Keith at the Network for  his sponsorship during the Replay Classifieds Monty Roberts competition.

Get your tickets to Monty Roberts at Tamworth just click on the image above

Or Shop online for Monty Robert training equipment and books, kits DVD's and more just click the image above


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