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Horse leapt into crowd at Warrnambool & injured spectators

Posted in Equine News @ May 5th 2011 5:32pm - By The Editor

A Horse lost it's rider at the Alfred Road Jump and continued running until reaching a 3 metre fence

The horse named Banna Strand cleared a 3 metre plus brush fence and landed in

the crowd of spectators gathered behind the fence. Injuring up to 7 people

At least 2 of the spectators were taken to hospital with suspected spinal

injuries, and amongst the injured was a 4 year old girl.

The scenes were horrific, with at least 20 or more people on the ground, and

people screaming hysterically.

The horse picked itself up and continued to run absolutely terrified. Completing almost a full circuit around the grounds

before finally being pulled up.

The jumps racing at Warrnambool has been plagued with controversy with further calls for urgent

safety reviews.

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