While Melbourne is not as expensive as the bigger cities in Australia (for example Sydney has recently ranked in the list of the 10 most expensive cities to live in !) it can still get quite pricey if you aren’t too careful about staying on budget: the Australian dollar is strong in comparison with most other currencies and accommodations, food and entertaining activities can end up racking you a high bill if you aren’t careful about where you go, so if you are wondering “Is staying in Melbourne expensive ?” we are going to help you navigate your stay in your city so your trip doesn’t have to break the bank!


For starters,do NOT exchange currency before going to Australia as bank tend to offer not so good rates to those that are traveling abroad (as they are usually naïve on how to get good rates). Wait until you are in Australia and then research the banks that offer the highest rates there if you want to get the most bang for your buck.


Then, consider more reasonably priced accommodation, especially if you are traveling by yourself and not too concerned with privacy or comfort: instead of going to a high end hotel consider CouchSurfing or a youth hostel (while being careful of not getting into any dangerous, sticky situations !) for a more authentic, cheaper, cooler experience. Would you prefer a little bit more privacy or comfort? Consider an AirBnB instead!


All in all, make smart choices: consider cheaper options, get good rates in your currency exchange, avoid tourist traps and you will be fine! A trip to Australia doesn’t have to be too expensive to be incredibly amazing as the important part of it is not how much money you spend, you stayed in on of the best places to stay for a long time in Melbourne but how many memories you make and a lot of them can be made for free!